​​Student Information Hub


Located in the lobby of the Student Center (Building 18), the Student Information Hub (I-Hub) is a one-stop information center for graduate students. As such, it represents the main, centralized point of contact between students and the programs and services of Graduate Affairs.

Programs and Services

The I-Hub is staffed during weekday business hours (Sunday through Thursday, 8:00 am – 5:00 pm). I-Hub staff continually assist students during the academic school year by providing information regarding campus functions, locations, policies, updates, and more. I-Hub staff help facilitate questions and suggest interests that could assist students in navigating through life and academics at KAUST and within the Kingdom. Some of the informational hand-outs and services offered by the I-Hub are, or pertain to:
  • University contact information
  • Graduate Affairs pre-approvals (exit/reentry visas, iqama transfers, etc.) before GASC processing
  • Graduate Affairs pre-approvals for ID cards before Security processing
  • General information
  • Administrative services
  • Maps of campus, bus schedules, etc.
  • Promotional packages and distribution
  • News and events
  • Displays of events and activities conducted by Graduate Affairs
In addition, the Student Center* which has the following facilities which can be booked by graduate students and student groups:
  • Conference Rooms
  • Fellowship Hall
  • Recreation Room
  • Music Room
  • Global Kitchen
  • Kitchen
  • Big Screen TV's
*The Student Center also has prayer rooms.

Contact Us

The Student Information Hub (I-Hub) is located in the Level 2 lobby (the main floor) of the Student Center, Building 18. Contact us via e-mail at: 
Telephone Number: (012) 808.3412