Graduate Development and Services

Student Career Development and Graduate Services support graduate student success by managing the delivery of services and resources of several offices. These offices work closely with the Graduate Student Council and collaborate with other KAUST offices and departments to enhance the overall quality of experience for graduate students.

English Language and Communication Program

The English Language and Communication Program (ELCP) offers services to assist students with English for Academic Purposes, including writing, presentations, and pronunciation. Each semester the ELCP offers various courses and workshops, as well as individual sessions by appointment.

Residential Life

Residential Life serves as the primary contact point for students in their residential experience at KAUST. The office coordinates with the Housing Department, Maintenance Department, Housekeeping, and other offices within Graduate Affairs to offer students programs and services aimed at ensuring a safe and positive living experience for everyone on campus. Residential Life student interns play a big role in assisting Residential Life with special projects involving student housing and other services for graduate students.

Graduate Events and Recreation

The Graduate Events and Recreation office serves the extracurricular needs of the graduate students of the University. Meeting these needs may take the form of offering a mid-week social activity or coordinating visits to cultural and historical sites within the Kingdom. Graduate Events and Recreation provides the chance for individuals to create and lead student groups that indirectly enhance their studies and offer them leadership opportunities that will inspire their futures, foster their senses of learning and engagement, and promote a distinct sense of 'community' on campus, in support of graduate student success.

Student Career Development

Student Career Development prepares graduate students in developing lifelong career management skills. The office provides direction for future student decision-making as it regards their passions and interests in industry, research, or academia. Students are coached on how to negotiate and successfully promote themselves in the job market. The office furthermore promotes employment and internship opportunities worldwide, facilitates on-campus networking opportunities with employers, and informs graduate students of the latest employment trends in science and technology.

Student Counseling Services

Student Counseling Services( SCS) exists fundamentally to help graduate students and their dependents enhance their academic and personal well-being. Through seminars, community outreach, and confidential personal counseling, the team at SCS seeks to ensure the holistic health of KAUST's graduate students. SCS offers free prevention, intervention, information, and referral services to all KAUST students and their dependents.

Information Hub (I-Hub)

Located in the lobby of the Student Center (Building 18), the Student Information Hub (I-Hub) is a one-stop information center for students. As such, it represents the main, centralized point of contact between students and Graduate Affairs programs and services.

Graduate Student Council

The Graduate Student Council (GSC) represents the interests of KAUST graduate students to university administration, faculty, staff, community, and industry. A core objective of the GSC is to promote the quality of instruction and research at the University. The GSC also seeks to expand the options and opportunities for student employment after graduation.​