​​​​​​​​​​Core Labs and Research Infrastructure

KAUST’s major research facility, Core Labs and Research Infrastructure, is a system of multidisciplinary, interconnected laboratories located on the University's campus. Its mandate is to promote the scientific ambitions of KAUST and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by stewarding and developing state-of-the-art facilities and technical expertise and delivering research support, training, collaboration and services to University faculty, students, researchers and partners. Core Labs' facilities are equipped with cutting-edge technologies and staffed by experts, with many having advanced degrees in their disciplines.

Analytical Chemistry Core Lab (ACL)

The Analytical Chemistry Core Lab houses a diverse range of state-of-the-art instrumentation in a 1400-square-meter user facility. We specialize in the analysis of inorganic and organic constituents in most solid and liquid materials. In addition, we have the capabilities to characterize thermal, mechanical, optical, and electrical properties of materials.

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Animal Resources Core Lab (ARCL)

​The Animal Resources Core Lab provides support for conducting biomedical research on mice. The lab follows internationally recognized animal welfare standards, as described in the Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals published by the US National Research Council in 2011.

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Bioscience Core Lab (BCL)

The Bioscience Core Lab provides a state-of-the-art facility to support genomic and proteomic studies. We offer expertise ranging from project planning, experimental design, sample preparation, instrumentation, sequencing / mass spectrometry analysis, and downstream data analysis.

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Coastal and Marine Resources Core Lab (CMR)

The Coastal and Marine Resources Core Lab is a complete marine station specializing in marine operations, oceanographic instrumentation, and wet lab experimentation. It operates a fleet of boats and Saudi Arabia's first fully-equipped research vessel, the RV Thuwal.

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Imaging and Characterization Core Lab (IAC)

The Imaging and Characterization Core Lab houses state-of-the-art technologies in the disciplines of electron microscopy, nuclear magnetic resonance, physical characterization, surface science, and optical microscopy.

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Lab Equipment Maintenance Core Lab (LEM)

​The Lab Equipment Maintenance Core Lab (LEM) partners with the research community at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology to deliver expert technical support and maintenance of critical research instrumentation.

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Nanofabrication Core Lab (NCL)

The Nanofabrication Core Lab providing expertise in the fabrication and characterization of micro- and nano-scale devices. To maintain the level of cleanliness required by the cleanroom operations related to fabrication of such a small-scale structures, the requirements of specific standard ISO 14644 are strictly observed and enforced, special attention being directed toward actions to avoid/minimize contamination.

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Plant Growth Core Lab (PG)

The Plant Growth Core Lab is a research-driven facility operating at the forefront of agricultural innovation, dedicated to plant and agricultural based studies, including transgenic research. Our mission is to support food and water research in KAUST and in the Kingdom.

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Prototyping and Product Development Core Lab (PCL)

The Prototyping and Product Development Core Lab provides well-equipped spaces to support fabrication projects ranging from micro sized to complex product development. We offer mentorship, apprenticeship, training and full service expertise in computer aided design and reverse engineering, rapid prototyping, electronics, machining, CNC computer aided programming, scientific glassblowing, welding, woodworking and more.

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Radiation Labeling Core Lab (RLCL)

The Radiation Labeling Core Laboratory (RLCL) is KAUST’s sole facility to support scientific experiments involving unsealed nuclear substances. It conforms to radiation protection regulations of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and observes IAEA guidelines, adhering to international standards of radiation safety. In addition, RLCL is Biosafety Level 2 (BSL2) compliant. 

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Supercomputing Core Lab (KSL)

The Supercomputing Core Lab proudly boasts the region's top performing supercomputer, the Shaheen II Cray XC40. We also house computing clusters for computationally-based scientific and engineering research.

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Visualization Core Lab (KVL)

The Visualization Core Lab advances the KAUST mission by providing cutting-edge visualization and data science services. We collaborate with domain researchers to accelerate discoveries through large-data visualization, machine learning, and data science. We also support the needs of KAUST and in-Kingdom entities by providing access to, and training on state-of-the-art visualization hardware and software for scientific discovery.

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