One of the most popular questions that prospective students, employees and their families ask is what's it like to live at KAUST.  Living in a community of 8,000 residents from more than 120 countries is simply amazing! 

Community Services

The community offers the basic services that are available in a typical town, all located within a few minutes of your home. KAUST community offers residents: 
  • Exceptional international curriculum schools and daycare facilities.
  • An extensive health clinic and emergency room that partners with Jeddah hospitals.
  • Multiple retailers including: grocery stores, pharmacies, banks, clothing, beauty salon and barbershop, travel agency, sports and bike shops, IT store, gift boutique, courier service, petrol station and copy center.
  • Over 30 eateries… coffee shops, restaurants, campus dining, fast food chains, bakeries and more. 
  • A host of Recreation facilities… beaches, swimming pools, indoor and outdoor racquet sports courts, fitness rooms, sports arenas and playing pitches, stadium, golf course, playgrounds, climbing wall, libraries, theater, diving center, sailing club, dance studio and more..
  • Free buses shuttle residents throughout the community and to nearby major cities. Taxis and car rentals are also available to meet residents' transportation needs.
  • A variety of community services are available such as: a post office, recycling center, caterers and party planners, tailors and laundry depot, gardeners, housekeepers, babysitters, movers, a hotel and rental villas, car mechanics and a veterinary clinic.
  • A security force and fire station. 


Community Experience

KAUST is a beautifully laid out community covered with trees, gardens, walking paths, plazas, parks and seaside views. The community is an extremely safe and well-maintained environment.  It is easy to get around on foot or by bicycle, or using the free community buses. Any commute takes ten minutes or less by car within KAUST. 

Residential life is enhanced by an array of community events, clubs, classes, programs, educational and recreational facilities. You can learn a foreign language or play a musical instrument, improve your sports performance with coaches and trainers, listen to a concert or watch a theatrical performance, cheer for a sports team, kayak on the Red Sea and much more. 

You can invite personal visitors to spend time with you at KAUST. If you want a change of scenery, you can easily drive out of KAUST, or catch a free bus to explore Jeddah.


Community Engagement

There are plenty of opportunities to get involved in the community. You can start or join a community club or group… residents have already created groups offering Photography, Sailing, Rugby, Foodies, Cricket, Arts and Crafts, Scuba Diving, Horse Riding, Girl and Boy Scouts, Ultimate Frisbee, Young Builders, Netball and Board Gaming… and many more.  

Small groups of friends who share a hobby or interest can get together and meet up regularly… we have English and French book clubs, a sewing group, infant and toddler playgroup, ladies' coffee and social morning to name a few. As a resident, you can also bring a community event to KAUST… our community members have brought the KAUST Triathlon, Abaya Expo and Breast Cancer Awareness month to the KAUST community. There are lots of other volunteer opportunities that arise throughout the year in the community.