​Transformation to a Knowledge Economy 

KAUST advances science and technology through distinctive and collaborative research integrated with graduate education. We are a catalyst for innovation, economic development and social prosperity in Saudi Arabia and the world. The Innovation and Economic Development department helps maximize the University's contribution to the economic diversification of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and its transformation to a knowledge-based economy.​

KAUST works with companies, private sector entities, nonprofits and government organizations to transfer knowledge and technologies created at the University and achieve public benefit and economic development. 

Your organization can: 
  • Join our industry collaboration program 
  • Conduct R&D at KAUST 
  • Hire world-class talent 
  • Attend corporate innovation training 
  • Locate at the KAUST Research & Technology Park
  • License KAUST technologies
  • Invest in KAUST startups

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We encourage innovators in the KAUST community to protect and commercialize their innovations, and work with them to advance their work into commercial products or services.

KAUST’s technologies are available for joint development, patent licensing or other mutually beneficial relationships.

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KAUST strives to build a strong culture of entrepreneurship and to create new knowledge-based businesses in the Kingdom. 

We run ongoing startup accelerators and offer various entrepreneurship teaching and learning opportunities to students, faculty, staff, as well as external visitors and industry partners.

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The KAUST Innovation Fund aims to grow an innovation and technology investment community and to attract international investors and VCs to the emerging Saudi technology ecosystem. 

KAUST makes venture capital investments in high-tech startups from seed (less than $200,000) to early-stage (up to $2 million) and becomes a long-term strategic partner of these ventures.

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KAUST’s Research & Technology Park provides an environment for technology-based businesses to access KAUST’s laboratories, faculty and student talent and network of public spaces and facilities designed for creative collision and knowledge-sharing.

The park fosters links between KAUST and industry—as well as among the network of tenants, startups and service providers located here.

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​Read insights on topics related to university innovation and economic development, and find out the latest news and upcoming events.

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