KAUST Innovation Hub in Shenzhen

Accelerate Research Commercialization

About KAUST Innovation Hub in Shenzhen

In alignment with KAUST’s new strategy to accelerate research commercialization, the KAUST Innovation Hub in Shenzhen, China, is specially designed to support KAUST’s innovators and entrepreneurs to bring their ideas to the marketplace. The Hub provides solutions that address the national Research, Development and Innovation priorities set out to benefit the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and beyond.

Our Mission

The mission of the Shenzhen Hub is to accelerate research commercialization by integrating Saudi Arabian startups and entrepreneurs into the well-established Shenzhen technology and manufacturing ecosystem. The Hub promotes research and education in support of innovation while bridging business demand and supply between Saudi Arabia and China.

Functions of the hub

The Shenzhen Hub reinforces collaboration between China and Saudi Arabia in several ways:

  1. Research Commercialization — priority technology developed at KAUST will be scaled up to the marketplace level by integrating into the Shenzhen startup ecosystem.

  2. Entrepreneurship — the Hub will support Saudi Arabian entrepreneurs through industry partnerships and investor opportunities.

  3. Talent Development — entrepreneurs will be nurtured and supported to help them develop their skills and realize the commercialization potential of their startups.

  4. Partnerships and Services — the Hub will act as a focal point for developing enduring and successful partnerships and the exchange of services between KAUST and Shenzhen, extending to Saudi Arabia and China.

Why Shenzhen

Known as the “Silicon Valley of the East,” Shenzhen is an established global leader in manufacturing and innovation ecosystems, with a deep startup ecosystem. This tech-capital has unmatched efficiency in prototyping, leading to rapid product iteration and making it an ideal location for developing startups from the ideation phase to full-scale marketplace reality. Shenzhen is China’s major entrepreneurial center, which will provide KAUST startups with the opportunity to meet leading incubators and potential partners in industry. Shenzhen is also home to several important research centers, such as the Research Institute of Tsinghua University, Shenzhen University, and the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

KAUST Alumni in Leadership Positions in KSA and Globally


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Shentech Bootcamp

Bring your innovative products to life in Shenzhen


TIE Masters

Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program


KAUST is proud to collaborate with our industry partners who have contributed to helping establish the Shenzhen Innovation Hub.

About Shenzhen: China’s tech capital

Shenzhen in southeastern China is a modern metropolis of over 12 million people and has become China’s tech capital and a truly global manufacturing center, with emerging industries in cutting-edge fields such as aerospace, robotics and microelectronics. The KAUST Innovation Hub in Shenzhen has offices located in the modern Nanshan District.


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