Strategic National Advancement

The Strategic National Advancement division is charged with guiding KAUST's strategy to serve Saudi Arabia's transformation priorities. We are contributing to a thriving innovation ecosystem by building knowledge capacity, creating opportunities and strengthening impact through: 

  • Corporate social responsibility 
  • Young talent development
  • Specialized enrichment & Saudi workforce development 
  • National engagement, outreach & high impact partnerships 

We believe that a country can only transform if its people are prepared, confident, and capable of driving the change. People influence our societies and shape our culture. 

From the beginning, our strategy has been to invest in people. 

This commitment forms the foundation of our holistic efforts, which are designed to cultivate top minds beginning in middle school and on through the professional world and society. In all that we do, we are empowering Saudi Arabia's current and emerging leaders, thinkers and innovators to shape the bright future that we know is possible. 

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