City Center

Discovery Square

The Discovery Square area is an important community space connecting the academic campus with the Harbor District commercial center. Discovery Square is active throughout the day and acts as a grand plaza representing a center of activity. Discovery Square and the adjacent Harbor district is home to several commercial enterprises on campus – including mail and courier services, banking, fast food and eateries, cafes, as well as a convenience store.

From Discovery Square residents have direct access to the Harbor District and it's seaside promenade where residents socialize and enjoy a selection of specialty restaurants and coffee shops.

The Harbor Souq Area

The Harbor Souq Area includes the path leading from Discovery Square to the Harbor Walk. It is the home of the Community Library and has aspirations of further development to become an ever-changing vibrant link between both areas combining recreational, commercial and residential activities.

The Harbor Walk

Restaurants providing the opportunity for unobscured views of the Red Sea, a mini-amphitheater, works of public art, public seating and a dedicated walk the length of the waterfront, form the Harbor Walk. The Walk offers stunning views of KAUST architecture and a place to watch boats come and go.

King Abdullah Grand Mosque

The Mosque is the spiritual center of the community. The courtyard space around the mosque offers a communal gathering site.