​​​Graduate Student Council Members


The Graduate Student Council exists to represent the voice and interests of KAUST's graduate students to university administration, faculty, staff, community, and industry.​

Core Objectives

The core objectives of the Graduate Student Council are to:
  • ​Provide an avenue for meaningful communication between the students and the KAUST administration, faculty, staff, and community
  • Promote quality of instruction and research at KAUST
  • Nurture a free and active academic and cultural environment at KAUST
  • Advocate for fair benefits and student services at KAUST
  • Seek to expand options and opportunities for student employment after KAUST

Contact Email
Kenneth Langley - email:
Vice President
Aaron Sanchez Yanez -

Academic and Research Committee

Chair: Ibrahim Dursun – email:
Asma Amoodi – email: 
Dias Urozayev – email:
Khaled Abu Jbara – email:

The Academic and Research Committee (ARC) exists as a link between KAUST students, faculty, and research scientists to provide constructive feedback and suggestions regarding academic and research issues affecting students. Additionally, ARC promotes awareness of scientific research opportunities at KAUST through organized events.

Graduate Life Committee

Chair: Gordon Byron – email:
Matthew Tietbohl – email:
Hanan Mahmood - email:

The Graduate Life committee (GL) exists as a communication link between the Graduate Council and the KAUST student body and is responsible for setting up activities, assisting club startup, enhancing communication with students (i.e. through the use of a website, bulletin boards, etc.), organizing competitions, and serving the students' needs and requests regarding their non-academic life.

International Business Relations Committee

Chair: Mustakeem Mustakeem – email:
Mustafa Rahman – email:
Ghada Ahmed – email:
Meshari Alazmi – email:
Husam Wafai - email:
Bilal Ahmed - email:

The International Business Relations committee (IBR) exists as a networking bridge between students, KAUST administrators, and industries that are potential student employers and research collaborators. Additionally, IBR is responsible for cooperating with the Career Counseling & Professional Development office to organize and facilitate business and entrepreneurship workshops, professional trainings, and career fairs each semester.

University Relations Committee

Chair: Dinesh Mahalingam – email:
Tariq Alghamdi – email:
Abdullah Al Omier - email:
Ziyad Alghamdi - email:
Mahmoud Abdul Hamid - email:

The University Relations committee (UR) exists as a relational link to the President's Office, Graduate Affairs Office, and community service providers. The UR advocates for the student body concerning big and sometimes ongoing issues that involve housing, IT, transportation, library services, health and safety, dining services, and more.