Residential Life


The Residential Life office serves as the primary contact point for students in their residential experience at KAUST from after they arrive to the time that they depart. The office coordinates with the Housing Department, Maintenance Department, Housekeeping, as well as with other offices of Graduate Affairs in order to offer students programming and services aimed at ensuring a safe and positive living experience for everyone on campus.

General Services

Residential Life coordinates with Housing on a variety of special projects related to improving student accommodation. Residential Life communicates University policies and guidelines, arranges placement, and conducts regular health and safety inspections of student apartments. Residential Life serves as the primary resource for students with regard to their queries on housing and residential life. These queries and issues are related to (but not limited to):
  • Apartment assignments
  • Roommate issues and conflict resolution
  • Visitors
  • Assigning a caretaker to the apartment during absences
  • Unresolved maintenance and housing issues
  • Moving
  • Official apartment check-in and check-out processes for students
  • Housing options
  • Health and safety inspections
  • Conflict resolution
  • Final departure clearances
  • Renter's insurance

Contact us

For information regarding the services and programs of the office, check our website or alternatively contact us at