​​​​​​​Talent Development and Management

Through targeted programs that support talent during formative stages in academic and professional development, Saudi Affairs cultivates and sustains a rich national talent pool of future leaders for the Saudi Arabian knowledge economy.

Key Programs

Saudi Research Science Institute (SRSI)

SRSI is a rigorous summer research program designed for 11th grade students from high schools throughout Saudi Arabia. Students work in state-of-the-art laboratories under the guidance of world-renowned KAUST faculty, while participating in holistic activities that combine theory courses, hands-on research, and co- and extracurricular events to encourage greater teamwork and leadership. Students further develop confidence and interpersonal skills through a wide range of sporting, cultural, creative, and team-building activities.

By introducing these talented young students to the transformative potential of science, technology, engineering, and math, SRSI inspires the next generation of Saudis to pursue careers in these fields, and provides them with context and support for envisioning their future paths. 

KAUST Gifted Student Program (KGSP)

KGSP is a fully funded scholarship program for top Saudi students pursuing their undergraduate degrees in science and engineering abroad. Each year, KAUST awards this competitive scholarship to approximately 135 Saudi students upon completion of high school, for up to six years. KGSP students join an elite group of Saudi peers at top-tier universities in the United States, and enjoy unique and comprehensive enrichment and development opportunities throughout their studies. KAUST has close links with the Embassy of The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in Washington.

As Saudi Arabia's preeminent and most competitive scholarship program, KGSP creates strong ties to KAUST early in students' academic careers, and ensures their continued development as ideal future candidates for advanced studies at KAUST on their journey to becoming the Nation's next generation of leaders and decision-makers.
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Saudi Graduate Recruitment and Development

Saudi Affairs is charged with ensuring that the best and brightest Saudi students matriculate at KAUST for advanced degrees. Through its Saudi graduate recruitment and development activities, the organization manages and nurtures this important Saudi talent pool for the University. Saudi Initiatives instills in Saudi applicants a personal connection to KAUST through targeted outreach that includes enhanced one-on-one engagement with prospective students; events and activities tailored to individuals and groups of Saudi students from throughout the country and the world; and strong partnerships with academic, industry, and government institutions within Saudi Arabia.

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In-Kingdom Retention Initiatives

Saudi Affairs contributes to the development of a national workforce pool of international standard by creating and linking opportunities within Saudi Arabia to specialized enrichment programs designed to place both international and Saudi KAUST graduates, research scientists, and postdoctoral fellows at renowned global institutions within the country.

Saudi Affairs​ aims to ensure a balanced supply-and-demand in terms of talent and opportunities within the country. The organization identifies appropriate potential employers and works closely with them to create suitable opportunities for KAUST talent, while ensuring that individuals are suitably matched in rewarding positions in which they will best contribute and grow.

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