​​Social Responsibility​

Saudi Affairs​ is dedicated to making KAUST a good neighbor and responsible citizen. Building on the University's vast intellectual and social capital, the programs under Social Responsibility are designed to enhance the quality of life for individuals and groups within KAUST's community and neighboring villages.

The Social Responsibility department focuses on immediate needs in Thuwal around education, the economy, and the environment by sustainably providing individuals and groups with the support, knowledge, and resources to thrive.

Program Themes

KAUST's approach to Social Responsibility programming comprises the following "pillars."
  • ​Stand-alone Programs: Special recurrent events, repeated annually and open to the full KAUST community. Our stand-alone programs play a key role in creating a culture of inclusiveness while celebrating our diverse community members and their contributions to social responsibility through civic participation.
  • Family of Programs: Long-term and repeatable projects that aim to address ongoing needs. These programs are key in building capacity, creating economic opportunities, and promoting sustainable daily practices, with a focus on KAUST's neighboring village of Thuwal.
  • Response-Driven Programs: Ad hoc or short-term initiatives to address unplanned and immediate needs.
  • The KAUST Volunteer Program: The primary driver of Social Responsibility's programmatic strategy for success. The Volunteer Program brings together the full KAUST community in social and civic engagement.

Thuwal-focused Program

As part of KAUST's commitment to being a good neighbor, Social Responsibility provides targeted capacity-building support to communities in the University's neighboring village of Thuwal, in the following areas:
  • Education: To inspire and support youth and teachers in Thuwal through education and training initiatives
  • Prosperity: To manage programs in Thuwal that create economic opportunities and build professional and vocational skills
  • Environment: To promote and support viable methods to introduce environmental awareness into everyday practices in the work and lives of the Thuwal community

The KAUST Volunteer Program

The significant intellectual and social capital inherent in our community provides KAUST with a unique ability and important responsibility to give back. Social Responsibility's programs are largely driven by the KAUST community, which comprises people from all over the world who are eager to share their knowledge, skills, and time as volunteers advancing KAUST's mission.
Who can volunteer at KAUST?
  • All people living on the KAUST campus are considered members of the KAUST Community, and are encouraged to contribute their time and skill to a volunteer cause. Those under the age of 18 must obtain written consent of a parent of legal guardian.
  • Please note that volunteers agree to offer their time, skills and experience free of charge.

Register to volunteer

If you are a member of the KAUST Community living on Campus, please access the volunteer form here. Once you have filled out your volunteer preferences and availability, you will be contacted by a member of the Social Responsibility team, who will match you with an ideal opportunity.

For more information, please contact