Student Focus: Rayan Alamoudi

Rayan Tarek Alamoudi, a current KAUST master's degree student in biological sciences, is studying under the supervision of Distinguished Professor Pierre Magistretti. Image courtesy of Rayan Alamoudi.

​-By Abdullah Alhamdan, KAUST News

Rayan Tarek Alamoudi, a current KAUST master's degree student in biological sciences, came to the University after graduating from Barry University in Miami, Florida, U.S., in 2015 with a bachelor's degree in medical biology.

Alamoudi chose to study bioscience—and specifically biomedical engineering—at KAUST because this is an extension of his bachelor's degree. He believes the degree track will open great future opportunities for him in the Saudi market; the field is vital in enabling the Kingdom to remain up-to-date with scientific development in line with Saudi Vision 2030.

Alamoudi's current research is done under the supervision of Pierre Magistretti, dean of the University's Biological and Environmental Science and Engineering division. The work will allow Alamoudi to be a part of Magistretti's scientific journal paper publications, a goal he strives towards.

Current KAUST master's degree student Rayan Alamoudi completed his bachelor's degree at Barry University in the U.S. Image courtesy of Rayan Alamoudi.

The University's excellent reputation both in the Kingdom and internationally convinced Alamoudi to join KAUST. In addition to exceptional professors and top-notch scientists, KAUST provides all the academic, scientific and research requirements students need, he noted. Faculty members contribute significantly in preparing students and assisting them in mapping objectives and taking their first steps towards the world of scientific research.

Alamoudi feels his time at KAUST is one of the most important—and richest—periods of his educational and career path, mainly because his education hasn't been limited to just the scientific or academic levels. He has learned a great deal on a personal level as well. Interacting with outstanding fellow students from around the world and being introduced to many diverse cultures has greatly enriched his student experience and has helped build his character and personality.

KAUST master's degree student Rayan Alamoudi stands with a professor upon completing his undergraduate degree in the U.S. He is now studying under the supervision of KAUST Distinguished Professor Pierre Magistretti. Image courtesy of Rayan Alamoudi.

Students at KAUST should benefit from all the assistance the University offers, Alamoudi noted, and they should take advantage of the workshops and local and international conferences in diverse disciplines offered to them. These opportunities aren't as readily available at other global universities.

"KAUST was founded in order to develop scientific research in Saudi Arabia," Alamoudi said. "Scientific development is usually linked to the development of a country by qualifying citizens to work at high levels in scientific fields. the University's vision."

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