A state of mind fostering excellence

​​​​​​​On Wednesday, September 28, KAUST President Jean-Lou Chameau delivered the annual State of the University address. President Chameau focused strongly on the role of the University as a catalyst for innovation both in Saudi Arabia and the wider region.

“We are catching the attention of the world for all of our progress and accomplishments. As a young institution, KAUST is doing extremely well and beyond expectations,” he told the audience in the KAUST Auditorium.

The past few months have indeed brought significant accolades for the institution, including being listed as first in the World University Rankings in the category of Faculty Citations and being recognized in the 19th position globally of Nature Index 2016’s Rising Stars. Such success, according to Chameau, is the result of the state of mind of the University, which enhances the University's competitive advantage.

“We recognize that our contributions today will activate the vision of King Abdullah and win the hearts of those who are curious about our journey in Saudi Arabia,” he said.

This vision is now supported by 940 master's degree and Ph.D. students, 150 faculty members, 400 postdoctoral fellows, 6,700 community members and the 1,200 alumni who serve as the University's ambassadors.

KAUST embodies a unique DNA that is “global by design and purposefully created to foster excellence,” Chameau said. This state of mind has fueled the first seven years in the history of KAUST and continues “to cultivate a culture of excellence where innovation and success is possible,” he added.

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