Observing Eid with our neighbors

In June, Saudi Initiatives and the KAUST Social Responsibility team launched the Sharing is Caring program for the University's neighboring town of Thuwal. This year's inaugural campaign supported 60 orphans from ages 1 to 18, engaging the KAUST community in giving back to its neighbors in the spirit of the season of Ramadan.

The newest initiative is modeled on the successful Back to School program, and brought together KAUST volunteers to contribute gift boxes filled with educational books and tablets, toys, healthful seasonal food, and greeting cards. Thirty-six volunteers generously gave their time to promote the campaign, select books, install educational apps on the tablets, assemble boxes and transport the gifts to Thuwal.

"I was lucky enough to work with the team and meet Thuwal parents and children to wish them a happy Eid,” said KAUST volunteer Mohammed. “The smiles on the children's faces while they were unpacking the gifts were worth it all. It is amazing how a simple act of kindness can be so rewarding.”

Through its Social Responsibility department, Saudi Initiatives is dedicated to advancing the University’s mission to be a good neighbor and responsible citizen, ensuring that the University’s intellectual and social capital is used to sustainably improve the quality of life for individuals and communities in our neighboring villages.

If you would like to volunteer for these important programs, please send an email to​.