KAUST Residential Neighborhoods

The KAUST community lives in one of our four residential neighborhoods. Each neighborhood has a unique offer and distinct character. Residents enjoy views of the Red Sea, and easy access to a premier golf course, fitness clubs, daycare, shopping and public transportation.

Safaa Gardens Neighborhood

Gardens Neighborhood.jpg

The Safaa Gardens neighborhood is characterized by family housing, a leafy perimeter walk as well as access to the King Abdullah Monument and hosts a variety of recreational facilities including a racquet club, golf course and club house.

Safaa Harbor District


The Safaa Harbor district has apartments with proximity to the major hubs of recreational activity including a recreation center, the main community square, Discovery Square, the community's main supermarket and main campus.

Safaa Island neighborhood


The Safaa Island neighborhood located next to the Safaa Harbor neighborhood has a cricket pitch and KAUST's second mixed sports recreation center, and is characterized by lower density development including larger family housing, a promenade by the Red Sea and a major green lung in the form of Central Thuwal Park.

Oasis Neighborhood

Our newest neighborhood, the Oasis neighborhood, is located across the road from the Safaa Golf Club and have easy access to the KAUST stadium and its recreation offer including football and a running track.