​​Faculty Positions

KAUST is currently appointing faculty in each of its three academic divisions.

KAUST offers superb research facilities, generous assured research funding and internationally competitive salaries; it attracts top international faculty and students to conduct fundamental and goal-oriented research that addresses the world's pressing scientific and technological challenges.

A successful faculty candidate at KAUST has an exceptional track record in one of the University's focal research areas, is able to lead a high-impact research group and can demonstrate strong commitment to graduate education. The University encourages all qualified candidates, both international and Saudis, to apply.

Saudi nationals who plan to pursue academic careers with an emphasis on research but are in the early stages of their career development (PhD candidates, new PhDs and Postdocs) may wish to apply for the Ibn Rushd Postdoctoral Fellowship.

Outstanding Saudi researchers wishing to pursue a faculty career at KAUST are invited to apply to the Ibn Rush Professorship. The Ibn Rushd Professorship is a faculty position that is open to applicants at all ranks (Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, and Full Professor)

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