​Alumni and retired staff visits to KAUST

As an alumnus (someone who earned a Ph.D. or M.S. at KAUST) or retired staff (someone who retired from KAUST after 60 years of age), you are welcome to return to KAUST whenever you wish.

If you're planning to stay in the accommodation of a friend or colleague during your stay in KAUST, then your host will need to request your visit using the 'personal visit' process.

If you are planning to stay at the KAUST Hotel or in an accommodation outside of the KAUST community, please use the following steps to arrange your visit:


  • As you plan your visit to KAUST, you'll need your former KAUST ID to complete the registration profile, as well as access to your KAUST email.
  • For international alumni and retired staff living out-of-Kingdom, the e-visa process has been introduced making your return to Saudi Arabia and KAUST far easier – please review eligibility details at


  • All alumni and retired staff will need to register their up-to-date information before requesting a visit to KAUST.
  • The registration profile only needs to be completed once, unless your information changes. For example, if you change your vehicle or bring different dependents/guests with you, then you will need to update your registration information.
  • To complete the registration profile, you will be asked for information including your
    KAUST ID; name; nationality; National ID, Iqama or passport details; and, if you're driving, details of your car insurance, driving license and vehicle registration documentation.
  • If you are bringing dependents/guests, their details must be submitted when the alumnus/retired staff completes the registration form. Alumni and retired staff dependents/guests can be their spouse, son, daughter, father, mother, brother, sister, father-in-law, mother-in-law, brother-in-law, sister-in-law, niece, nephew, grandparent, grandchild or sponsored dependent. A maximum of eight dependents/guests are permitted for each visit.
  • All dependents/guests cannot visit KAUST unless in the company of the KAUST alumnus/retired staff who made the request.


  • After you have created your registration profile, you will receive an email with the link to request your visits. You will be emailed a QR code to show at the KAUST gate.
  • Emails (to your KAUST email) will be automatically sent to you after each visit request.
  • A link for "Forgotten your profile" is on the registration page, in case you forget your profile access.


To help ensure you have a safe and enjoyable visit, we kindly remind all visitors to follow the KAUST Code of Conduct and KAUST Traffic and Vehicle Safety Policy.

The wellbeing and safety of everyone who lives, works or visits KAUST is the University's top priority. The KAUST Traffic and Vehicle Safety Policy should be read prior to your visit. Careless or reckless driving can result in an immediate ban from visiting KAUST. Please use KAUST roads safely by following the rules of the road, including but not limited to:

  • Drivers must hold a valid driver's license and insurance, and be 18 years or older.
  • Wear a seatbelt and never use a mobile phone while driving.
  • Follow the speed limit posted.
  • Come to a complete stop at STOP signs.
  • Drive with extra care around schools and daycare zones, pedestrians, cyclists, e-scooters, motorcyclists and golf carts.
The KAUST Code of Conduct ensures all members of the University community, including visitors, are aware of the behaviors accepted to promote a safe, respectful, productive, healthy and pleasant work and community environment. Please ensure you read the Code of Conduct prior to your visit.

Please respect the privacy of KAUST's residents.

Any violation of KAUST policies and procedures may result in penalties and/or immediate suspension of visiting privileges.

The KAUST Central app and University Map are available to all visitors.

To request emergency assistance and to report a road traffic accident while at KAUST, please call 012 808 0911 immediately. To log any health, safety and environmental concerns you notice while at KAUST, please do so via the University's ReportIt system here.


  • Alumni and retired staff and their accompanying dependents/guests can stay for up to seven days, when residing at the KAUST Hotel. Day access is also permitted for up to seven days.


  • All facilities and services can be accessed by the alumnus/retired staff and their accompanying dependents/guests, except for KAUST Health (unless is case of an emergency), daycare facilities and The KAUST School.


  • Alumni and reitred staff can book their stay directly with the KAUST Hotel for the duration of their stay, receiving KAUST rates.


  • It is very important that you use the Visitor Lane to check out of KAUST when you are exiting. Not checking out may result in the removal of visitor access to KAUST.

For queries about visits to KAUST, please contact

We hope you enjoy your visit.

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