About Saudi Affairs

The Saudi Affairs organization facilitates national development and collaboration in Saudi Arabia with a focus on creating and nurturing talent for KAUST and for the Nation.
Founded in 2010 to administer an extensive portfolio of activities related to national development, Saudi Initiatives is instrumental in strengthening KAUST's impact in Saudi Arabia. Common throughout the organization's diverse range of activities is a commitment to investing in people. With holistic programs designed to cultivate and support top minds beginning at the high school stage, through graduate school and beyond, Saudi Initiatives is making a tangible contribution to the development of the Nation's next generation of leaders and decision makers.


To serve as KAUST's central organization for facilitating Saudi development and collaboration, leveraging the University's intellectual and social capital to the benefit of the community, and establishing strong roots for KAUST in the Kingdom.


  • To create a pool of qualified Saudi applicants and ensure successful recruitment, retention, and graduation of top Saudi students from KAUST, by providing opportunities, sponsorship and support throughout their academic development
  • To manage talent and contribute to the development of a world-class workforce pool of international standard and innovative global outlook, by institutionalizing a system of targeted opportunities and support
  • To pursue, manage, and provide support for strategic relationships and alliances with KAUST's key national and international partners – graduates, business and industry, the public sector, sponsoring organizations, and academic and research institutions
  • To serve the local community by advancing socially responsible values and practices, and encouraging civic engagement through volunteerism both inside KAUST and in its neighboring villages

Ensuring Success: Saudi Affairs' Approach

Saudi Affairs achieves its goals through three distinct approaches that work in unity to advance KAUST's mission. Through its work with students, graduates, educators, industry, government, and the local community, Saudi Initiatives creates ambassadors for KAUST that share the University's values, understand its goals, and are eager to support its vision.