Linda Alzaben

Member of the Graduate Student Council (GSC)

​Linda Alzaben is a member of the Graduate Student Council (GSC) at King Abdulah University ofScience and Technology – (KAUST). Her role is to help and improve students quality of life through solving problems that they raise. Thus, being the voice of the students to university relations.

Linda is also a PhD student in the Applied Mathematics and Computation Science division. Her
research mainly focuses on discretization methods, specifically with Finite elements and Mixed finite elements of eigenvalue problems. Linda has a working experience for several years, She taught many courses at King Abdulaziz University (KAU) and KAUST. While she was at KAU, she was responsible for leading more than 20 Professors and lecturers.

Beside her academic work, Linda is a lifelong learner. She keeps trying to acquire new skills that
help her grow personally and professionally. She is an open water driver and a life-coach.
She helps university students who need some assistant to have powerful, positive impact on
self-confidence, wellness, and work performance. She was also selected as the convocation
speaker for class 2023. In addition, she likes to meet new people from different cultures and
backgrounds to enrich her knowledge.