Ohoud Alharbi

Academic and Research Officer

Ohoud Alharbi is a master's student in the Applied Physics program (PSE division). Her work is directed towards theoretical physics and applying first-principle calculations for properties investigation.

She started to be involved in Academic-Research activities from her bachelor's studies in Physics at King Abdulaziz University (KAU). She was "and still" a leader for the KAU physics club, where she reaches to the faculty and staff regarding the students' needs and organizes every academic-research activity within the college of science.

Meanwhile, Ohoud is now a part of the Graduate Student Council (GSC) team as an Academic and Research Officer (ARO). With her experience, she works to become a bridge that passes students' concerns and needs regarding academia and research to the administration "and vice versa".

What is also important for Ohoud to achieve is to understand all aspects that would affect the academic and research outcomes in the university and find the best solutions to overcome these problems.

Ohoud is known for her passion in improving the Academia and Research aspect (besides being a midget and a yellow-holic). So, if you have any concerns, do not ever hesitate to contact her by email: