Damilya Saduakhas

Academic and Research Officer

​Damilya Saduakhas currently serves as the Academic and Research Officer (ARO) at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology  (KAUST). As ARO, Damilya is committed to enhancing students' academic experience, fostering a positive and inclusive community, and bridging the gap between students and university relations.

In addition to her role as ARO, Damilya is also pursuing her Ph.D. in Statistics, focusing on non-gaussian multivariate models and their applications to real-world data. Her current research project centers on ocean temperature and salinity predictions, utilizing advanced statistical methods to uncover valuable insights.

Damilya is an asset to the academic community with her natural curiosity, passion for learning, and ability to communicate and connect with diverse people as a fluent speaker of five languages and a polyglot-in-training. Originally from Kazakhstan, Damilya brings a unique perspective and international mindset to her work and studies. She also enjoys teaching children in her free time. 

For any issues or concerns, or comments, do not hesitate to reach out to the following email: