Indah Hermansyah Putri

Academic and Research Member - ARM

Indah is a third-year Ph.D. student in Physical Science and Engineering (PSE) Division, majoring in Energy Resources and Petroleum Engineering (ERPE). Her research focuses on the late Pleistocene to Holocene evolution of the Al Wajh carbonate platform, NE Red Sea. She earned her bachelor's degree in Geophysics from the Institute of Technology Bandung, Indonesia. After a year working with ExxonMobil, she continued her study and received a master's degree from the Colorado School of Mines, majoring in Geophysics.

As the Academic Research Officer (ARO) member, she is responsible for solving student's issues related to academic life. She aims to provide a better educational and research experience for the students during and after their graduate life in KAUST. She likes to go biking, shopping, or culinary hunting with her family during her free time.

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