Xose Anxelu G. Moran

Associate Professor (Adjunct), Marine Science

Biological and Environmental Science and Engineering Division
Center membership :
Red Sea Research Center


Education Profile

  • Senior Researcher, Instituto Español de Oceanografía, Gijón/Xixón, Spain, 2001-2014
  • Postdoctoral Fellow, Institut de Ciències del Mar, CSIC, Barcelona, Spain, 2000
  • Ph.D., Universidad de Oviedo/Uviéu, Spain, 1999
  • B.Sc., Universidad de Oviedo/Uviéu, Spain, 1992

Research Interests

​Professor Morán's research in biological oceanography and microbial ecology is focused on small-sized plankton and its role in biogeochemical cycles. His interests include phytoplankton-bacterioplankton interactions, variability of photosynthesis and primary production, and picoplankton long-term dynamics and metabolic ecology, aimed at understanding the structure and function of microbial food webs and their response to global change.

Selected Publications

  • Morán X.A.G., Ducklow H.W., Erickson M. 2011. Single-cell physiological structure and growth rates of heterotrophic bacteria in a temperate estuary (Waquoit Bay, Massachusetts). Limnology and Oceanography 56: 37-48.
  • Morán X.A.G., López-Urrutia Á., Calvo-Díaz A., Li W.K.W. 2010. Increasing importance of small phytoplankton in a warmer ocean. Global Change Biology 16: 1137–1144.
  • Kirchman D.L., Morán X.A.G., Ducklow H. 2009. Microbial growth in the polar oceans ¬¬– role of temperature and potential impact of climate change. Nature Reviews Microbiology 7: 451-459.
  • López-Urrutia Á., Morán X.A.G. 2007. Resource limitation of bacterial production distorts the temperature dependence of oceanic carbon cycling. Ecology 88: 817-822.
  • Morán X.A.G., Estrada M., Gasol J.M., Pedrós-Alió C. 2002. Dissolved primary production and the strength of phytoplankton-bacterioplankton coupling in contrasting marine regions. Microbial Ecology 44: 217-223.