Education Profile

  • Ph.D. Marine Geology, RSMAS – U. Miami, Miami, FL, USA
  • MSc Geology, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI, USA
  • Vordiplom, Ludwigs Universität, Freiburg, Germany

Research Interests

​Professor Vahrenkamp's research aims at securing future energy supply with three main thrusts: Refine the understanding of modern and ancient carbonate depositional environments and associated diagenesis for improved perception of reservoir heterogeneities on multiple scales, Advance the quantification of the complex pore networks of Arabian carbonate reservoirs and its impact on reservoir performance, Explore and develop geothermal energy in Arabian countries with special focus on desalination and cooling applications and suitable drilling techniques.

Selected Publications

  • Late Jurassic to Cretaceous source rock prone intra-shelf basins of the eastern Arabian plate – interplay between t... Vahrenkamp, V.C., P. Van Laer, B.J. Franco, M. A. Celentano, Carine Grelaud and P. Razin. SPE-IPTC-18470 , (2015)
  • Micro rhombic calcite of a giant Barremian reservoir onshore Abu Dhabi - Clumped isotope analyses fix temperature, ... Vahrenkamp, V.C, J. Barata; P.J. Van Laer, P. Swart, S. Murray. SPE ADIPEC-172033 , (2014)
  • Carbon-isotope signatures of Albian to Cenomanian (Cretaceous) shelf carbonates of the Natih Formation, Sultanate o... Vahrenkamp, V.C. GeoArabia, v. 18, no. 3, 65-82, (2013)
  • Validation of fundamental carbonate reservoir core properties using Digital Rock Physics Lopez, O., A. Mock, P. Øren, H. Long, Z. Kalam, V. Vahrenkamp, M. Gibrata, S. Seraj, S. Ch. International Symposium of the Society of Core Analysts, SCA2012-19, 12 pages , (2012)
  • Chemo stratigraphy of the Early Cretaceous Shu'aiba Formation. Vahrenkamp, V.C. GeoArabia Special Publication 4, V. 1, 107 137, (2010)