Tadd Truscott

Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering

Physical Science and Engineering Division


Education Profile

  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Ocean and Mechanical Engineering, PhD 2009,
  • University of Utah Mechanical Engineering BS 2003.

Research Interests

​Professor Truscott's current research interests are in fluid dynamics, novel imaging and experimental methods. By merging different areas of research, he works on problems such as three-dimensional flow-field dynamics of rising and falling objects in water, acceleration induced cavitation, the transport of water through desert plants and the collective behavior of pelotons and fish. Tadd received his B.S in mechanical engineering from the University of Utah, and then attended Massachusetts Institute of Technology for his Ph.D.09' in Ocean and Mechanical Engineering. He is currently an associate professor at Utah State University.

Selected Publications

  • T.Q. Thai, J. Ruesch, P.R. Gradl, Truscott, T.T. & R.B. Berke"Speckle Pattern Inversion in High Temperature DIC Measurement" Experimental Techniques, 021-00481-1, 2021
  • Kulyukin, V., Mukherjee, S., Minichiello, A., & Truscott, T.T. "BeePIV: A Method to Mea- sure Apis Mellifera Traffic with Particle Image Velocimetry in Videos" Appl. Sci., 11, 5, 2276: DOI: 10.3390/app11052276, 2021
  • Rabbi, R., Speirs, N.B., Kiyama, A., Belden, J. & Truscott, T.T. "Impact force reduction by consecutive water entry of spheres" Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 915, doi:10.1017/jfm.2020.1165, May 2021.
  • Rahman, S.R., Sajjad, I., Mansoor, M.M., Belden, J., Murphy C., & Truscott, T.T. "School formation characteristics and stimuli based modeling of Tetra fish" Bioinspiration & Biomimet- ics, 1-21,, 2020.
  • Minichiello, D. Armijo, S. Mukherjee, L. Caldwell, V. Kulyukin, T. Truscott, J. Elliott, and A. Bhouraskar. "Developing a mobile application-based particle image velocimetry tool for enhanced teaching and learning in fluid mechanics: A design-based research approach" Computer Applications in Engineering Education, 1-21,, 2020.