Suk Ho Chung

Professor Emeritus, Mechanical Engineering 

Physical Science and Engineering Division

Combustion and Laser Diagnostics Laboratory


Education Profile

  • ​​​​Ph.D., Northwestern University, 1983
  • M.S., Northwestern University, 1980
  • B.S., Seoul National University, 1976

Research Interests

Professor Chung's research interest is in fundamental combustion related to energy, environment and fuel issues. This includes studies on premixed and diffusion flame structure, combustion instability, flame stabilization, laser ignition, microgravity experiments, soot and NOx formation, and alternative fuels. This research is directed toward the applications to internal combustion engines, gas turbines, burners, rocket propulsion, and fire and explosion safety.

Selected Publications

  • D. H. Anjum, Memon, N. K. and S.H. Chung. "Investigating the growth mechanism and optical properties of carbon-coated titanium dioxide nanoparticles." Materials Letters 108 (2013) 134-138.
  • Y. Wang, SH Chung, “Strain rate effect on sooting limits in counterflow diffusion flames for gaseous hydrocarbon fuels: sooting temperature index and sooting sensitivity index,” Combustion and Flame, 161 (2014) 1224–1234.
  • MS Cha, D Park, SH Chung, “Soot reduction under DC electric fields in counterflow nonpremixed laminar ethylene flames,” Combust. Sci. Technol. 186 (2014) 644–656.
  • R Chrystie, SH Chung, “Response to acoustic-forcing of laminar co-flow jet diffusion flames,” Combust. Sci. Technol. 186 (2014) 409–420.
  • Abhijeet Raj, Mariam J Al Rashidib, Suk Ho Chung, S. Mani Sarathy, “PAH Growth Initiated by Propargyl Addition: Mechanism Development and Computational Kinetics,” J Phys Chem 118 A (2014) 2865-2885.