Education Profile

  • PhD Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, 2002
  • MS University of Patras, GreeceBS University of Patras, Greece, 1997

Research Interests

​Professor Kalnis's research interests are in Databases and Information management. Specifically, he is interested in: Database outsourcing and cloud computing, mobile computing, Peer-to-Peer, OLAP, data warehouses, spatial-temporal and high-dimensional databases, GIS, Security - Privacy – Anonymity.

Selected Publications

  • Tao Y., Yi K., Sheng C., Kalnis P., "Efficient and accurate nearest neighbor and closest pair search in high dimensional space", (to appear) ACM transactions on Data Base Systems (ACM TODS), 2010.
  • Ghinita G., Kalnis P., Tao Y., "Anonymous publication of sensitive transactional data", (to appear) IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering (IEEE TKDE), 2010.
  • Yiu M.L., Ghinita G., Jensen CS., Kalnis P., "Enabling search services on outsourced private spatial data", (to appear) Very Large Data Base Journal (VLDBJ), 2010.
  • Ghinita G., Zhao K., Papadias D., Kalnis P., "A reciprocal framework for spatial K-anonymity", Information Systems, 35(3), 299-314, 2010.
  • Ghinita G., Karras P., Kalnis P., Mamoulis N., "A framework for efficient data anonymization under privacy and accuracy constraints", (to appear) ACM Transactions on Data Base Systems (ACM TODS), 2009.
  • Zhu Z., Kalnis P., Bakiras S., "DCMP: A Distributed Cycle Minimization Protocol for Peer-to-Peer Networks", IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems (IEEE TPDS), 19(3), 363-377, 2008.