Education Profile

  • Postdoctoral Fellow, Biochemistry, Max Planck Institute of Molecular Plant Physiology, Germany 2014-2020
  • PhD, Plant Molecular Physiology, Max Planck Institute of Molecular Plant Physiology, Germany 2010-2014
  • B.Sc and M.S., Biotechnology, University of Szczecin, Poland 2005-2010

Research Interests

Professor Chodasiewicz' s research focuses on identification of stress specific components (proteins, metabolites and mRNA) of stress granules (SGs) formed under different environmental conditions. Professor Chodasiewicz's research group also aims to understand what are the stress specific components of desert plants which make them resistant to stressful environmental conditions. This research line involves studying small molecule-protein complexes with biochemical methods combined with molecular biology. The team intends to build a map of stress specific small molecule-protein complexes to further dissect the mode of action of stress specific complexes with molecular biology and cell biology methods.

Selected Publications

  • Protein and metabolite composition of Arabidopsis stress granules, Kosmacz M., Gorka M., Schmidt S., Luzarowski M., Moreno J.C., Szlachetko J., Leniak E., Sokolowska E.M., Sofroni K., Schnittger A., Skirycz A., New Phytologist, 2019.
  • Interaction of 2',3'-cAMP with Rbp47b plays a role in stress granule formation, Kosmacz M., Luzarowski M., Kerber O., Leniak E., Gutiérrez-Beltrán E., Moreno J.C., Gorka M., Szlachetko J., Veyel D., Graf A., Skirycz A., Plant Physiology, 2018.
  • PROMIS, global analysis of Protein–Metabolite Interactions using size separation in Arabidopsis thaliana, Veyel D., Sokolowska E., Moreno J.C., Kierszniowska S., Cichon J., Wojciechowska I., Luzarowski M., Kosmacz M., Szlachetko J., Méret M., Graf A., Meyer E., Willmitzer L., Skirycz A., Journal of Biological Chemistry, 2018.
  • The stability and nuclear localization of the transcription factor RAP2.12 are dynamically regulated by oxygen concentration, Kosmacz M., Parlanti S., Schwarzlander M., Kragler F., Licausi F., van Dongen J.T., Plant Cell and Environment, 2014.
  • Oxygen sensing in plants is mediated by an N-end rule pathway for protein destabilization, Licausi F., Kosmacz M., Weits D., Giuntoli B., Giorgi F.M., Voesenek L.A.C.J., Perata P., and van Dongen J.T., Nature, 2011, 479, 419–422.