Education Profile

  • Ph.D. Marine Biology, James Cook University, Australia, 2007
  • B.S. (summa cum laude), Zoology, University of Arkansas, 2001

Research Interests

Larval connectivity and dispersal of reef fishes Movement ecology of reef organismsBiodiversity and evolutionary biology of Red Sea fauna

Selected Publications

  • Berumen, M & M Pratchett. Recovery without resilience: Persistent disturbance and long-term shifts in the structure of fish and coral communities at Tiahura Reef, Moorea. Coral Reefs 25: 647-653, 2006.
  • Almany, G, M Berumen, S Thorrold, S Planes, & G Jones. Local replenishment of coral reef fish populations in a marine reserve. Science 316: 742-744, 2007.
  • Berumen, M, G Almany, S Planes, G Jones, P Saenz-Agudelo, S Thorrold. Persistence of self-recruitment and patterns of larval connectivity in a marine protected area network. Ecology and Evolution 2: 444-452, 2012.
  • McMahon, K, M Berumen, S Thorrold. Linking habitat mosaics and connectivity in a coral reef seascape. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (USA) 109: 15372-15376, 2012.
  • Almany, G, R Hamilton, M Matawai, M Bode, T Potuku, P Saenz-Agudelo, S Planes, M Berumen, K Rhodes, S Thorrold, G Russ, G Jones. Dispersal of grouper larvae drives local resource sharing in a coral reef fishery. Current Biology 23: 626-630, 2013.
  • Berumen, M, W Bass, J Bouwmeester, D Catania, J Cochran, A Hoey, M Khalil, S Miyake, M Mughal, J Spaet, P Saenz-Agudelo. The status of coral reef ecology research in the Red Sea. Coral Reefs 32: 737-748, 2013.