Education Profile

  • PhD, University of Warsaw, Poland, 2012
  • MSc, University of Wroclaw, Poland, 2008

Research Interests

Research of Prof. Lukasz jaremko is focused on understanding the dynamics of molecular architecture and how it relates to biochemical processes in everyday life and disease to open ways for treatments to battle cancer. By developing and applying biophysical techniques and small organic molecules, I strive to understand and manipulate challenging biological systems. Recent advancements in de novo protein structure prediction and elucidation methods have provided a wealth of static structural information. Yet, our understanding of protein dysfunctions remains insufficient without a direct insight into protein dynamics and alternative minor states, like cryptic binding pockets, with direct implications for therapeutic purposes. The importance of molecular motions, dynamics, in functional studies and drug design has been under-evaluated due to the lack of adapted methods to probe protein motions at relevant time scales for crucial life processes. My research program devoted to understanding protein dynamics seeks to employ advanced NMR spectroscopy and integrate with advanced structural biology techniques (X-ray, cryo-EM, EPR, modelling) and biophysics to bridge the gap between protein 3D static structure and functions and to enable the design of unique tailored drugs.

Selected Publications

  • Al-Harthi, S.; Li, H.; Szczepski, K.; Alyssa, W.; Deng, J.; Grembecka, J.; Cierpicki, T.; Jaremko, Ł.*, MRG15 activates histone methyltransferase activity of ASH1L by recruiting it to the nucleosomes, Structure (Cell Press), 2023, accepted.
  • Kharchenko, V., Linhares, B.M., Borregard, M., Czaban, I., Grembecka, J., Jaremko, M., Cierpicki, T. and Jaremko, Ł.*, Increased slow dynamics define ligandability of BTB domains. Nature Communications, 2022, 13(1), p.6989.
  • Al-Harthi, S., Kharchenko, V., Mandal, P., Gourdoupis, S. and Jaremko, Ł.*, Zinc ions prevent α-synuclein aggregation by enhancing chaperone function of human serum albumin. International Journal of Biological Macromolecules (Elsevier), 2022, 222, pp.2878-2887.
  • Al-Harthi, S.; Chandra, K.; Jaremko, Ł.*, Lipoic acid restores binding of zinc ions to human serum albumin, Frontiers in Chemistry, 2022, 10:942585.
  • Chandra, K., Al-Harthi, S., Almulhim, F., Emwas, A.-H., Jaremko, Ł.*, Jaremko, M., The robust NMR Toolbox for Metabolomics, Mol. Omics RSC 2021, 17, 719–724.
  • Zhao, X.; Hameed, U. F. S.; Kharchenko, V.; Liao, C.; Huser, F.; Remington, J. M.; Radhakrishnan, A. K.; Jaremko, M.; Jaremko, Ł.*; Arold, S. T., Li, J., Molecular basis for the adaptive evolution of environment sensing by H-NS proteins. eLife 2021, 10, e57467.
  • Yuan, G.; Flores, N. M.; Hausmann, S.; Lofgren, S. M.; Kharchenko, V.; Angulo-Ibanez, M.; Sengupta, D.; Lu, X. Y.; Czaban, I.; Azhibek, D.; Vicent, S.; Fischle, W.; Jaremko, M.; Fang, B. L.; Wistuba, I. I.; Chua, K. F.; Roth, J. A.; Minna, J. D.; Shao, N. Y.; Jaremko, Ł.*; Mazur, P. K.; Gozani, O., Elevated NSD3 histone methylation activity drives squamous cell lung cancer. Nature 2021, 590 (7846), 504-508.
  • Kharchenko, V.; Nowakowski, M.; Jaremko, M.; Ejchart, A.; Jaremko, Ł.*, Dynamic 15N{1H} NOE measurements: a tool for studying protein dynamics. J Biomol NMR 2020, 74, 707–716.
  • Duarte, C. M.; Jaremko, M.; Jaremko, Ł., Potentially systemic impacts of elevated CO2 on the human proteome and health. Front Public Health 2020, 8, 645.
  • Al-Harthi, S.; Lachowicz, J. I.; Nowakowski, M. E.; Jaremko, M.; Jaremko, Ł.*, Towards the functional high-resolution coordination chemistry of blood plasma human serum albumin. J Inorg Biochem 2019, 198, 110716.
  • Jaremko, Ł.; Jaremko, M.; Ejchart, A.; Nowakowski, M., Fast evaluation of protein dynamics from deficient 15N relaxation data. J Biomol NMR 2018, 70 (4), 219-228.