Jr-Hau He

Associate Professor, Electrical Engineering

Computer, Electrical and Mathematical Science and Engineering Division
Center membership : 
KAUST Solar Center

Nano Energy Lab


Education Profile

  • ​​​​​Ph.D. National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan, 2005
  • B.S. National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan, 1999

Research Interests

​Dr. He puts all his efforts in the development of transparent and flexible electronics using novel devices based on nanomaterials, including solar and photo-detector, LED, and memory devices. He is also interested in harsh electronics, where he has a particular interest in solar energy are efforts to understand light scattering and trapping in nanostructured materials and design next-generation solar cells. He is also interested in transport of charge carriers across these solar cells and improving light coupling to increase the efficiency of photo-induced charge separation. Dr. He's group is also currently involving in fundamental physical properties of the nanomaterials, such as the transport and switching behavior of 2D nanomaterials.

Selected Publications

  • ​H.P. Wang, T.Y. Lin, M.L. Tsai, W.C. Tu, M.Y. Huang, P.C. Yang, Y.J. Chien, C.W. Liu, Y.L. Chueh,* and J.H. He,* "Toward Efficient and Omnidirectional n-Type Si Solar Cells: Concurrent Improvement in Optical and Electrical Characteristics by Employing Microscale Hierarchical Structures," ACS Nano 8, 2959-2969 (2014)
  • T.H. Huang, P.K. Yang, D.H. Lien, C.F. Kang, M.L. Tsai, Y.L. Chueh and J.H. He,* "Metal Oxide Resistive Memory for Harsh Electronics: Immunity to Surface Effect and High Corrosion Resistance via Surface Modification," Scientific Reports 4, 4402 (2014)
  • W.R. Wei, M.L. Tsai, S.T. Ho, S.H. Tai, C.R. Ho, S.H. Tsai, C.W. Liu, R.J. Chung, J.H. He,* "Above-11%-Efficiency Organic–Inorganic Hybrid Solar Cells with Omnidirectional Harvesting Characteristics by Employing Hierarchical Photon Trapping Structures," Nano Lett. 13, 3658-3663 (2013) (Top 10 Most Read Articles in September of 2013)
  • P.K. Yang, W.Y. Chang, P.Y. Teng, S.F. Jen, S.J. Lin, P.W. Chiu, and J.H. He,* "Fully transparent resistive memory employing graphene electrodes for eliminating undesired surface effects," Proc. IEEE 101,1732–1739 (2013)
  • D.S. Tsai, K.K. Liu, D.H. Lien, M.L. Tsai, C.F. Kang, C.A. Lin, L.J. Li, J.H. He,* "Few Layer MoS2 with Broadband High Photogain and Fast Optical Switching for Use in Harsh Environments," ACS Nano 7, 3905–3911 (2013)