Jenny Li

Instructional Professor

Computer, Electrical and Mathematical Science and Engineering Division

Education Profile

  • ​Postdoctoral Fellow, Penn State University, USA, 1993-1996
  • Ph.D, Cornell University, USA, 1993
  • MS, Cornell University, USA, 1989
  • BS, Yunnan University, China, 1982

Research Interests

​Professor Jenny Li's research interests are applied mathematics with special emphasis on mathematical economics and finance, computational economics and finance.

Selected Publications

  • ​Jenny X. Li and Jia Pan "Optimal Intermediated Investment in a Liquidity-Driven Cycle", International Journal of Economics Theory, pp 266-298, Vol 11, No.2, 2015
  • Brenda Gonzlez-Hermosillo and Jenny X. Li "A Theory of the Banking Firm: The Role of Market, Liquidity and Credit Risk,}{Computational Methods in Financial Engineering" edited by EJ Konotghiorghes, B. Rustem and P. Winker. pp259-271, 2008, Springer, Heidelberg.
  • Jenny X. Li and Peter Winker, "Time Series Simulation with Quasi Monte Carlo Methods", Computational Economics, , {\bf 21}, 1-2 pp 23-43 2003,
  • Jenny X. Li, " A Finite States Contraction Algorithm for Dynamic Models" Computational Methods in Decision-making, Economics and Finance, edited by Erricos John Kontoghiorghes Ber\c{c} Rustem and Stavros Siokos, Kluwer Academic Publishers, (2002), 481-500.
  • Jerry L.Bona and Jenny X. Li, "Stabilizing Monetary-Injection Policies", Journal of Economics Theory, {\bf 98} (2001), 127-157.