Hong G. Im

Professor, Mechanical Engineering

Physical Science and Engineering Division
Center membership : 
Clean Combustion

Computational Reacting Flow Laboratory


Education Profile

  • ​​​​​​​Ph.D., Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Princeton University, 1994
  • M.S., Mechanical Engineering, Seoul National University, 1988
  • B.S., Mechanical Engineering, Seoul National University, 1986

Research Interests

​Professor Im’s research interests are primarily fundamental and practical aspects of combustion and power generation devices using high-fidelity computational modeling. Recent research topics combustion characteristics of high hydrogen content fuels, advanced modeling of sooting flames, modeling of mixed-mode combustion in modern engines, dynamics of turbulent premixed flame propagation, turbulent flame stabilization, spray- and particle-laden flows and combustion, plasma and electric field effects on flames and combustion of low-grade fuels.

Selected Publications

  • Roy, S. P., Arias, P. G., Lecoustre, V. R., Haworth, D. C., Im, H. G., Trouve, A., 2014, “Development of High Fidelity Soot Aerosol Dynamics Models using Method of Moments with Interpolative Closure,” Aerosol Science and Technology, 48:4, 379-391.
  • Gupta, S., Im, H. G., and Valorani, M., 2013, “Analysis of n-Heptane Auto-Ignition Characteristics Using Computational Singular Perturbation,” Proceedings of the Combustion Institute, 34, 1125-1133.
  • Martz, J. B., Lavoie, G. A., Im, H. G., Middleton, R. J., Babajimopoulos, A., and Assanis, D. N., 2012, “The Propagation of a Laminar Reaction Front During End-Gas Auto-Ignition,” Combustion and Flame, 159, 2077-2086.
  • Keum, S. H., Im, H. G., and Assanis, D. N., 2012, “A Spray-Interactive Flamelet Model for Direct Injection Engine Combustion,” Combustion Science and Technology,184, 469-488.
  • Bansal, G. and Im, H. G., 2011, “Autoignition and Front Propagation in Low Temperature Combustion Engine Environments,” Combustion and Flame, 158, 2105-2112.