Gaetano Magnotti

Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering

Physical Science and Engineering Division
Center membership : 
Clean Combustion


Education Profile

  • ​​​​​​​​​​Ph.D. Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, The George Washington University, Washington DC, USA, 2012
  • B.Sc., Aerospace Engineering, University of Naples, “Federico II”, 2004

Research Interests

Dr. Magnotti’s primary research interests are advanced laser diagnostics and imaging, turbulent combustion and supersonic combustion. He is the principal investigator of the Advanced Diagnostics laboratory and he is affiliated with the Clean Combustion Research Center.

Professor Magnotti’s group focuses on the development of quantitative, advanced laser diagnostics for high pressure combustion and on its application to the experimental investigation of fundamental combustion phenomena relevant to the design of next-generation, cleaner, and more efficient, gas turbines and engines.  Detailed measurements in, carefully designed, turbulent jet flames provide great insight in the physics of turbulence-chemistry interaction, and much needed data for development and validation of computational fluid-mechanics models.

Professor Magnotti is also interested in developing laser diagnostics for optically accessible, internal combustion engines and for the study of non-thermal equilibrium flows such as those encountered in plasma assisted combustion and in hypersonic vehicles.

Selected Publications

  • Dual-resolution Raman spectroscopy for measurements of temperature and twelve species in hydrocarbon–air flames 
    G. Magnotti, R.S. Barlow
    Proceedings of The Combustion Institute, (2016)
  • Multiple conditioned analysis of the turbulent stratified flame A 
    T. Stahler, D. Geyer, G. Magnotti, P. Trunk, M. J. Dunn, R. S. Barlow, A. Dreizler
    Proceedings of The Combustion Institute, (2016)
  • Local extinction and near-field structure in piloted turbulent CH4/air jet flames with inhomogeneous inlets 
    R. S. Barlow, S. Meares, G. Magnotti, H. Cutcher, A.R. Masri
    Combustion and Flames 2015, Vol 162, Issue 10, pages 3516-3540, (2015)
  • Raman spectra of methane, ethane, ethylene, dimethyl ether and propane for combustion applications 
    G. Magnotti, U. KC, P.L. Varghese, R.S. Barlow
    Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy and Radiative Transfer, Vol. 163, pages 80-..., (2015)
  • Effects of high shear on the structure and thickness of turbulent premixed methane/air flames stabilized on a bluff... 
    G. Magnotti, R. S. Barlow
    Combustion and Flame, Vol. 162, No.1 pp. 100-114, (2014)
  • Interference-free Spontaneous Raman Scattering for Measurements in Rich Hydrocarbon flames 
    G. Magnotti, D. Geyer, R. S. Barlow
    Proceedings of the Combustion Institute, Vol. 35, Issue 3, pages 3765-3772, (2015)
  • Development of a Dual-Pump CARS System for Measurements in Supersonic Combustion 
    G. Magnotti, A.D. Cutler and P.M. Danehy
    Applied Optics Vol. 52, No. 20, pp. 4779-4791, (2013)
  • Beam Shaping for CARS Measurements in Turbulent Environments 
    G. Magnotti, A. D. Cutler, P. M. Danehy
    Applied Optics Vol. 51, No. 20, pp. 4730-4741, (2012)
  • Saturation and Stark Broadening Effects in Dual-Pump CARS of N2, O2 and H2 
    G. Magnotti, A.D. Cutler, G.C. Herring, S. A. Tedder, P. M. Danehy
    Journal of Raman Spectroscopy, Vol. 43, No.5, pp. 611-62, (2012)
  • CARS spectral fitting with multiple resonant species using sparse libraries 
    A. D. Cutler, and G. Magnotti
    Journal of Raman Spectroscopy, Vol. 42, No. 11, pp.1949-1957, (2011)​​