Cristian Picioreanu

Professor, Environmental Science and Engineering

Biological and Environmental Science and Engineering Division
Center membership :
Water Desalination and Reuse


Education Profile

  • 1999 PhD, Delft University of Technology (The Netherlands)1990
  • MSc, University Politehnica of Bucharest (Romania)

Research Interests

​Prof. Picioreanu's research focuses on the numerical modelling of complex interactions between physical, chemical and biological processes, by applying engineering and computational methods. The emphasis has been in environmental and biotechnological applications, based on his chemical engineering background, continued with more than 25 years research in biotechnology.  Water production and reuse is the central research topic. Main interests are processes involving biofilms, both desired (granular sludge, membrane biofilm reactors, microbial fuel cells, phototrophic processes) or as a nuissance (biofouling in membrane processes, bioclogging in porous media, medical applications, biocorrosion). Individual-based modelling and pattern formation in microbiological systems and modelling interactions in coral reefs are other research interests.

Selected Publications

  • Qamar A, Bucs S, Picioreanu C, Vrouwenvelder J, Ghaffour N (2019) Hydrodynamic flow transition dynamics in a spacer filled filtration channel using direct numerical simulation. Journal of Membrane Science, 590, 117264.
  • Picioreanu C, Blauert F, Horn H, Wagner M (2018) Determination of mechanical properties of biofilms by modeling the deformation measured using optical coherence tomography. Water Research, 145, 588-598.
  • Jafari M, Desmond P, Van Loosdrecht MCM, Derlon N, Morgenroth E, Picioreanu C (2018) Effect of biofilm structural deformation on hydraulic resistance during ultrafiltration: a numerical and experimental study. Water Research, 145, 375-387.
  • Haaksman VA, Siddiqui A, Schellenberg C, Kidwell J, Vrouwenvelder JS, Picioreanu C (2017) Characterization of feed channel spacer performance using geometries obtained by X-ray computed tomography. Journal of Membrane Science, 552, 124-139.
  • Radu AI, Bergwerff L, Van Loosdrecht MCM, Picioreanu C (2015) Combined biofouling and scaling in membrane feed channels: a new modeling approach. Biofouling, 31(1), 83-100.