Education Profile

  • PhD, Chemical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering University of Porto, Portugal Diploma of Chemical Engineering (5 years degree), South University, Argentina

Research Interests

​Prof. Grande's research interests cover all aspects of adsorption processes, from the characterization, scale-up and formulation of new adsorbent materials to the process design, simulation and testing.  Prof. Grande's research also covers process intensification routes that digitalization can bring to industrial manufacturing. In particular, the effects and novel pathways that can be achieved by using novel architectures of equipment and internals.

Selected Publications

  • "Multi-purpose structured catalysts designed and manufactured by 3D printing", Lind, A.; Vistad, Ø.; Sunding, M. F.; Andreassen, K. A.; Cavka, J. H.; Grande, C. A. Materials & design, 2020, 187, 108377.
  • "Shaping of metal-organic framework UiO-66 using alginates: effect of operation variables", Lee, D. W.; Didriksen, T.; Olsbye, U.; Blom, R.; Grande, C. A. Sep. Purif. Technol., 2020., 235, 116182
  • "Evaluation of simplified pressure swing adsorption cycles for bio-methane production", Canevesi, R. L. S.; Andreassen, K. A.; Da Silva, E. A.; Borba, C. E.; Grande, C. A. Adsorption, 2019, 25, 783-793
  • "Life-cycle assessment as a tool for eco-design of metal-organic frameworks (MOFs)", Grande, C. A.; Blom, R.; Spjelkavik, A.; Moreau, V.; Payet, J. Sust. Mater. Tech., 2017, 14, 11-18.
  • "Multi-bed Vacuum Pressure Swing Adsorption for Carbon Dioxide Capture from Flue Gases", Liu, Z.; Grande, C. A.; Li, P.; Yu, J.; Rodrigues, A. E. Sep. Purif. Technol., 2011, 81, 307-317.