Andrea Fratalocchi

Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Computer, Electrical and Mathematical Science and Engineering Division


Education Profile

  • Ph.D. University of Roma Tre, 2007
  • M.S. University of Roma Tre, 2003

Research Interests

Profesor Fratalocchi's research interests focus in the use of disorder as a building block for a new technology, which can benefit from the billenary evolution of natural systems. His vision is to grab the hidden secrets of randomness to unveil novel fundamental processes and a new class of electromagnetic materials that can be assembled on large sizes with minimal costs. Applications of his research include, and are not limited to:New revolutionary process of energy harvesting A new class of nanostructures that can be assembled on very large scales and enable functional operations in ultrathin layersThe harnessing of destructive natural phenomena at the nanoscale for the realization of unconventional functionalities for photonsStudying of new complex imaging apparatusDeveloping of new “intelligent” lasers

Selected Publications

  • C. Conti and A. Fratalocchi, "Dynamic light diffusion, three-dimensional Anderson localization and lasing in inverted opals", Nature Physics 4, 794, 2008.
  • Andrea Fratalocchi. "Mode-locked lasers: Light condensation", Nature Photonics 4, 502 - 503, 2010.
  • Liu, C., Di Falco, A., Molinari, D., Khan, Y., Ooi, B.S., Krauss, T.F., Fratalocchi, A. "Enhanced energy storage in chaotic optical resonators," Nature Photonics, 7 (6), pp. 473-478, 2013.
  • Fratalocchi, A. "Anderson localization: The role of quantum symmetries", Nature Photonics, 7 (4), pp. 271-273, 2013.
  • C. Liu, A. Di Falco and A. Fratalocchi, “Dicke phase transition with multiple superradiant states in quantum chaotic resonators”, Phys. Rev X (2014, To appear)