Ana Margarida Costa

Professor of Practice of Sustainability 

Physical Science and Engineering Division
Center membership :
Climate and Livability Initiative


Education Profile

  • PhD in Environmental Applied Sciences, University of Aveiro, Portugal 2008
  • MSc in Atmospheric Pollution, University of Aveiro, Portugal 2003
  • BSc in Environmental Engineering, University of Aveiro, Portugal 2000

Research Interests

Professor Ana Costa leads the Office of Sustainability at KAUST, under the President's Office. She is responsible for overseeing the development and execution of the university's sustainability vision and action plan. Her role involves steering KAUST’s sustainability initiatives, fostering interdisciplinary research collaborations, promoting initiatives across departments, coordinating engagement and outreach programs, and establishing strategic sustainability partnerships at national and international levels. In addition, Prof. Costa manages the reporting of the university’s sustainability performance, ensuring its alignment with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs). She also spearheads the development of the University’s Climate Action Plan and actively works to enhance sustainability literacy within KAUST, extending her efforts to the broader community across the Kingdom. Professor Costa's research focuses on environmental sustainability, with a particular focus on urban atmospheric flow modeling, pollutant dispersion, and studying human exposure to atmospheric contaminants.

Selected Publications

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  • C. Borrego, M. Coutinho, A.M. Costa, J. Ginja, C. Ribeiro, A. Monteiro, I. Ribeiro, J. Valente, J.H. Amorim, H. Martins, D. Lopes, A.I. Miranda (2015). “Challenges for a New Air Quality Directive: The role of monitoring and modelling techniques.” Urban Climate, Volume 14, Part 3, Pages 328-341, ISSN 2212-0955. DOI:
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