Education Profile

  • PhD in Aerospace Engineering, Instituto Superior Tecnico, Portugal, 2005
  • MSc in Mechanical Engineering, Instituto Superior Tecnico, Portugal, 1997BSc in Physics Engineering, Instituto Superior Tecnico, Portugal, 1995

Selected Publications

Chengcheng Tang, Xiang Sun, Alexandra Gomes, Johannes Wallner, and Helmut Pottman, 2014, Form-fnding with Polyhedral Meshes Made Simple, ACM Transactions on Graphics (TOG), Volume 33(1),

Luís Falcão, Alexandra A. Gomes, and Afzal Suleman, 2011, Aero-structural Design Optimization of a Morphing Wingtip, Journal of Intelligent Material Systems and Structures, Vol 22(10), 1113-1124,

A. A. Gomes and A. Suleman, 2008, Topology Optimization of a Reinforced Wing Box for Enhanced Roll Maneuvers, AIAA Journal, Vol. 46(3), 548-556,

Alexandra A. Gomes and Afzal Suleman, 2006, Application of Spectral Level Set Methodology in Topology Optimization, Structural and Multidisciplinary Optimization, Volume 31(6), 430–443,

Victor M. Franco Correia, Maria A. Aguiar Gomes, Afzal Suleman, Cristóvão M. Mota Soares, and Carlos A. Mota Soares, 2000, Modelling and Design of Adaptive Composite Structures, Computer Methods in Applied

Mechanics and Engineering, Vol.185, 325-346,