Key Faculty Policies

The Policy Portal is an internal, password-protected resource, available exclusively to current faculty, staff and students.

The KAUST Policy Portal includes the following pages of particular relevance to faculty: 

  • Academic Policy Page - includes:
    • Faculty Travel Request Form
    • Sabbatical Leave Policy
    • Guidelines for Appointment of Distinguished Professors
    • Guidelines for Appointment of Professors of Practice and Research Professors
  • Research Policy Page - includes:
    • Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research
    • Core Lab Fee Policy
  • Innovation and Economic Development Policies and Guidelines Page - includes:
    • Intellectual Property Policy
    • Innovation Cluster Physical Key Management Policy
    • Policy on Acquiring Equity in Companies
    • Innovation Fund Charter and Procedures
  • Human Resources Policy Page - includes:
    • Human Resources Policy Manual
    • Business and Academic Travel Guidelines
    • Procedures for the Appointment of Research Staff
    • Principles for Hiring of Spouses

Visit the KAUST Policy Portal