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KAUST's Winter Enrichment Program (known as WEP) is an innovative interlude program that offers academic lectures and workshops, skills & entrepreneurial training and cultural & recreational events, not normally found in the academic program.​

WEP 2018: January 14-25

WEP 2018 will return from January 14-25 under the leadership of the new Chair Omar Knio, Professor of Applied Mathematics and Computational Science, and will have the theme of "Human-Machine Future." WEP 2018 will particularly focus on the following three broadly defined topics:

  • Sensing; by humans and/or machines.
  • Networks; of various kinds, including chemical, biological, power, communication, computer, transportation and social.
  • Data; machine and/or sensor generated.

WEP 2018 will also explore how rapid developments in related fields are shaping a new future for both humans and machines.

About WEP 2017

WEP 2017 "Pushing the limits: Challenging Engineering and Science", chaired by Professor Gilles Lubineau, Professor of Mechanical Engineering, PSE/KAUST COHMAS Director, brought a unique educational experience to KAUST from January 8-21, 2017.

Two weeks of business lectures and alumni lecture series, panel interviews, interactive sessions, an opening and final gala, and lecture series given by prestigious In-Kingdom and international speakers such as H.E.Ali Ibrahim Al-Naimi - chairman of the KAUST board of trustees and former Saudi minister of petroleum and mineral resources -, Edward Stone - former project scientist for JPL's Voyager Mission and also former director of JPL from 1991 to 2001 -, Michel Hartmut, - 1962 Nobel Prize in Chemistry -, or Dirk Ahlborn -Founder and CEO at JumpStarter Inc, CEO Hyperloop Transportation Technologies Inc-. ​

The annual Winter Enrichment Program (WEP) is one of the hallmarks of KAUST and its produced and managed by the Office of Enrichment Programs, led by Marielaure Boulot. WEP is a three- week program whose primary purpose is to enrich and inspire the University's students and KAUST community members, as well as academic and industrial partners who are all invited to join. It is mandatory for KAUST students to register for WEP once during their degree studies.​

The whole University becomes involved in one of the most exciting programs of the year, including lectures, courses, workshops, seminars, field trips, and special events in the main categories of Academic, Skills, Entrepreneurship, Cultural and Recreational. The program hosts KAUST speakers, eminent international guest speakers, Nobel Laureates, entrepreneurs, academics, as well as distinguished local and regional leaders and decision-makers.

It is built in collaboration with KAUST Students, Faculty, Community Members, Alumni and Industrial Partners who are invited to submit proposals each year. During a very competitive selection process the WEP Review Committee, considers the scientific and technological aspects of the proposals, as well as their enriching and inspiring nature.

In addition, KAUST Industrial Partners, WEP Sponsors, Undergraduates from around the world (through Undergraduate Poster Competition) and In-Kingdom students from leading universities in Saudi Arabia are invited to join through a specific program.

If you are interested in volunteering for WEP 2018, please fill out this online form or contact the WEP team, email​

**All volunteers must be KAUST faculty, students, staff or community members.

For further information visit the website of the Office of Enrichment Programs.

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WEP 2017- January 8-21

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WEP 2017 Highlights​​


Watch the Keynote Lectures

The Research Poster Competitions are an ideal opportunity for students and postdocs to share the results of their hard work, and present their research to visitors and the community at KAUST. Each year two competitions take place during the Winter Enrichment Program (WEP): the International Undergraduate Poster Competition and the KAUST Graduate Student and Postdoc Poster Competition.

Each year hundreds of international undergraduates from world renowned universities submit abstracts for their research. From these entries, 50 students are selected and invited to come to KAUST and present in the competition. Selected students spend a week at KAUST taking part in WEP activities, visiting the labs and meeting with faculty members. They also take part in recreation activities including snorkeling and a field trip to the historical region of Jeddah, Al Balad.

The KAUST Graduate Student and Postdoc competition is also a competitive research poster event, allowing KAUST students to showcase their ideas and highlight the research that is taking place at KAUST.

The judging committee is carefully selected from professors and faculty members of different research centers. Judging is based on quality, completeness, impact of the work, as well as on the visual clarity of the posters.​

A prestigious Award Ceremony is held for both competitions where trophies and prize money are awarded to the winners and runners-up.​