WEP Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Winter Enrichment Program (WEP)?

The Winter Enrichment Program (WEP) is a program hosted annually by KAUST. It is an academic, entrepreneurial and cultural interlude session in KAUST's academic calendar whose primary purpose is to enrich and inspire the students beyond their normal academic curriculum.

WEP creates a lively and engaging atmosphere, taking us away from our regular activities and bringing together KAUST speakers, as well as eminent guests from around the world. Internationally renowned attendees range from keynotes speakers, Nobel laureates, entrepreneurs, academics, as well as distinguished local and regional leaders. WEP is geared towards the University's students, KAUST community members, as well as KAUST academic and industrial partners.

The Winter Enrichment Program results from yearly selected proposals, submitted by KAUST students, faculty and the KAUST community. The WEP Committee, in charge of reviewing and selecting the proposals, is comprised of students, faculty, schoolteachers and staff representing altogether all members of the KAUST community.​​

What is the WEP Timeline?

Call for proposals: Each year in the spring.

Review by the WEP Committee: From May to July

Guests invited by the WEP Committee: From July to October

Online registration for WEP Offerings: in November / December on enrichment website​​

What types of classes or events are proposed?

There are seminars, short courses, workshops, keynote lectures, entrepreneurial events, skills related offerings, field trips, cultural and recreational activities, exhibits, and other WEP Special events such as Symposiums, Poster Session and Award Ceremonies, the Science Fun Fair.

Who can attend?

WEP is a program that is open to anyone at KAUST – faculty, researchers, and community members. It is also open to individual KAUST Industrial & University partners (who have registered via Saudi Initiatives) and finalists of the International Research Poster Competition for Undergraduates.

Can I volunteer for WEP?

We warmly encourage anyone who does not have to attend WEP for credits to intern or volunteer* for WEP. We need volunteers whom we can rely upon whether it be a few hours per week or per day.
There are many different tasks you can carry out as a volunteer or intern – e.g.: ushering during keynote talks, coordinate the recreational activities, Film Festival or other special events, being a translator or a science communicator during the Science Fun Fair, assisting in the communication campaign, being a WEP assigned photographer, being a KAUST chaperon for our International Poster Competition finalists, meeting & greeting incoming speakers and guests.
If you wish to volunteer for WEP, please email us at
*All volunteers should be KAUST faculty, students, staff or community members.