Research Planning & Partnerships Office

What we do

The RPP (Research Planning & Partnerships) foster a positive, adaptable and transparent research culture at KAUST through a program of monitoring, evaluation, strategic decision making and research partnerships.


​Providing a comprehensive framework for research reporting, monitoring, review and evaluation that informs KAUST leadership enabling them to effect change through the development and implementation of research funding streams and programs.


​Working closely with the Vice President for Research and the research community to identify areas and opportunities where KAUST Research can compete and lead globally.


​Driving the creation of platforms that will enhance KAUST's ability to engage national and international stakeholders, building partnerships across academia, government and industry to address crucial research questions.

Our Core Activities

  • Overseeing the evaluation of KAUST Research (Funding Programs, Core Facilities, Research Centers, Research Projects and Individuals) to inform planning and decision making.
  • Benchmarking against international competitors and domain scanning to assist strategic planning and the identification of emerging and timely areas in which KAUST can establish a leading role.
  • Managing and extending KAUST's successful engagement with KSA and global research partners.