​Medical Clearance for Relocation

  1. What Personal Data are we collecting?

    We may request the following Personal Data: name, date of birth, phone number, assigned recruiter, information about your health, the number of children you have, and information about your spouse’s and dependents’ health.

  2. What sensitive Personal Data is being collected?

    We need to collect Personal Data about your health to conduct a KAUST Health medical clearance. Health data are considered sensitive data under the PDPL. We may collect information about your children, and children are considered a vulnerable category under applicable data protection laws.

  3. Where do we get your Personal Data?

    Your Personal Data will be collected by the KAUST Health (“KH”) representative handling medical clearances, contactable at, who collects the Personal Data from the webform you submit, and, if additional information is required, he/she will reach out to you via phone, email or video conference.

  4. Why do we collect your Personal Data?

    We gather this information to assess whether KAUST Health can adequately support you and your dependents’ medical needs upon arrival to KAUST. Your Personal Data will not be processed later in a manner inconsistent with this purpose, except as provided or required by law.

  5. Do I need to provide all of the information requested?

    Yes. Successful completion of this questionnaire is a condition of any offer of employment with KAUST; thus, all responses to this webform are mandatory. Failure to fully complete this form may result in you being ineligible for a position with KAUST.

  6. Why are we able to process your Personal Data? 

    We may process your Personal Data with your consent. Under the General Data Protection Regulation, we may collect this information as a step prior to entering into an employment contract. KAUST also has a legitimate interest to ensure it has the appropriate medical services and support for the community.

  7. Does the processing involve profiling and/or any automated decision-making? 

    No, KAUST does not rely on any automated decision-making or conduct any profiling in this process.

  8. Who do we share your Personal Data with and how do they process the Personal Data?

    The KH representative shares the completed questionnaire and any medical reports you additionally provide with a medical doctor from Dr. Soliman Fakeeh Hospital (“DSFH”). The reviewing doctor will determine your medical clearance (“cleared” or “not cleared”), which the KAUST Health representative will communicate to your HR Recruiter. No health information will be shared with the HR Recruiter, only “cleared” or “not cleared.”

  9. How do we protect your Personal Data?

    After review by the doctor, the completed questionnaire and medical reports, if any, are securely stored, accessible only to the KH representative handling medical clearance. Your Personal Data will be held strictly confidential. All KAUST employees are required to sign and comply with KAUST’s Confidentiality Agreement, which requires handling confidential information with the highest diligence and carefulness, in compliance with data privacy laws, and prohibits disclosure beyond a strict need-to-know basis.

    DSFH personnel are also contractually required to keep your Personal Data strictly confidential. KAUST Health’s policies on Confidentiality, Access and Confidentiality of Electronic Communication, and Protection of Patient’s Dignity Privacy Policy are accessible here. Your completed questionnaire and any provided medical reports are treated as confidential medical records and retained separately by KAUST Health; these files will not be added to the usual HR personnel files.

    The webform used for collecting your Personal Data will be protected with encryption in transit and at rest on Formstack. Formstack uses AWS in the United States to host its data. Any information received over email will be stored with strict access-controls and password protection on a Microsoft Office 365 application, which hosts its data in Europe or North America. The European Commission does not consider the United States to offer an adequate level of data protection. For more information about the technical measures KAUST applies to protect your Personal Data, please see KAUST's Minimum Security Standard, Information Security Policy, and Data Classification Procedure.

  10. How long do we keep your Personal Data?

    Per Ministry of Health requirements, medical files are retained for ten years after the file status is deemed inactive. After the retention period, your Personal Data will be securely and permanently deleted – unless retention is further required for legal reasons.

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