​TKS Photos and Videos for Media, Marketing, and Communication Materials


  1. What Personal Data do we collect? 

    For media and marketing activities, we may take, receive, publish, or otherwise process photos and videos of TKS students, TKS staff, and parents. The photos and videos, depending on the context, may contain additional information about the individual, i.e., their name, graduation status, and grade level.   
  1. What sensitive Personal Data is collected 

    We do not process any sensitive Personal Data.  
  1. Where do we get your Personal Data? 

    Photos and videos of you may be taken by a professional photographer; TKS students in the Photography Club; external third parties hired by TKS; the University's Global Branding and Communications Department; University personnel involved in projects at TKS; or by a TKS group. For any inquiries about photographs or videos you are in, please contact   
  1. Why do we collect your Personal Data?

    We use photos and videos related to TKS activities for media, marketing, and communications purposes, to promote and share our stories locally with the KAUST community and globally with prospective families and teachers interested in working at KAUST. These photos and videos will not be processed later in a manner inconsistent with this purpose, except as provided or required by law.  
  1. Is it mandatory for my child to be photographed or to appear in TKS photos or videos? 

    Participation in photos and videos is optional. Parents who do not wish to have their child photographed or to participate in videos are required to instruct their child to avoid cameras. Parents who do not complete, or who fail to indicate "I don't agree" on the Child Photo/Video Consent Form risk their child being photographed and/or appearing in a video in online marketing materials.  This Consent Form is signed at the beginning of each academic year and valid for one year. 
  1. Why are we able to process your Personal Data? 

    We may use videos and photos of your child and your family members with your consent. We ask for your consent in the Child Photo/Video Consent Form in the TKS Parent Portal. By filling out the Child Photo/Video Consent Form, you either grant or withhold your consent for the use of the materials for media, marketing and communications.   
  1. Does the processing involve profiling and/or any automated decision-making? 

    No, KAUST does not rely on any automated decision-making or conduct any profiling in this process.  
  1. Who do we share your Personal Data with, and how do they process the Personal Data? 

    Photos and/or videos may be shared with KAUST departments working on projects with TKS, who may reuse the images and publish them on their own communication platforms. Photos and videos may be published on/in TKS media platforms, including the TKS Website (a publicly accessible website); TKS Wave; the TKS Annual Report; orientation materials; TKS handbooks; presentations; posters; school banners; outdoor banners; coverage of events; and promotional items for events.   

    Non-published photos from TKS activities are not shared with individuals (except if you request your own photo or video).  
  1. What software do we use to process your Personal Data? 

    Photos and videos are processed using Google Workspace and Messages (for the school newsletter on the TKS website). 
  1.  How do we protect your Personal Data? 

    Unpublished photos and videos of you will be held strictly confidential. All KAUST employees are required to sign and comply with KAUST's Confidentiality Agreement, which requires handling confidential information with the highest diligence and carefulness, in compliance with data privacy laws, and prohibits disclosure beyond a strict need to know. 

    Unpublished photos and videos held by TKS are stored with appropriate access controls and encryption and behind KAUST's firewall, available only to those authorized to access the information, and strictly for the purpose of fulfilling their work duties. 

    For more information about the technical measures KAUST applies to protect your Personal Data, please see KAUST's Minimum Security Standard, Information Security Policy, and Data Classification Procedure
  1. How long do we keep your Personal Data?  

    Unpublished photos and videos will be destroyed at the end of the consent period (1 year).