Unveiling "The Clean Hydrogen Economy and Saudi Arabia": A Roadmap to Energy Leadership

Experts from KAUST and KAPSARC have launched a book that discusses innovations in clean hydrogen research and technologies.

Faculty and researchers from King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) and King Abdullah Petroleum Studies & Research Center (KAPSARC) have unveiled a new publication: "The Clean Hydrogen Economy and Saudi Arabia." With a foreword by KAPSARC President Fahad Alajlan and KAUST President Tony Chan and co-edited by KAUST research scientist Dr Saumitra Saxena, this book charts new energy discourse, offering a comprehensive analysis of the emerging global hydrogen economy through the lens of one of the world's foremost energy providers, Saudi Arabia. 

Experts from KAUST and KAPSARC hosted a Clean Hydrogen Forum in KAUST on May 16, 2024, to launch the book and discuss innovations in clean hydrogen research and technologies. During the event, KAUST professors and invited guests partook in several panel discussions focused on advances in hydrogen technology and future visions for research in the field.  

Against the backdrop of shifting global energy dynamics, the book charts a course for fossil fuel-exporting countries to harness the power of clean hydrogen as a catalyst for sustainable development. 

Recognizing the need to develop lower-carbon technologies, Saudi Arabia has embarked on a journey toward a sustainable future within the framework of the Circular Carbon Economy. The Kingdom has set ambitious goals, aiming to reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2060 and produce a significant volume of clean hydrogen by 2030. Geographically positioned at the crossroads of major demand markets, Saudi Arabia is poised to leverage clean hydrogen technologies as a strategic tool for economic diversification and global leadership in the clean energy arena. 

This book represents a culmination of this work analyzing both the developments in the clean hydrogen market and highlighting the critical role of technology and research institutions in advancing the hydrogen economy. 

“The Clean Hydrogen Economy and Saudi Arabia” is available for download