Student Focus: Maryam Alsufyani

KAUST Ph.D. student Maryam Alsufyani received her master's degree from the University in 2018. She currently carries out research in the KAUST Solar Center. File photo.

By Abdullah Alhamdan, KAUST News

KAUST Ph.D. student Maryam Alsufyani received her bachelor's degree in chemistry from Taibah University in Madinah in 2016. Her ambition to pursue further higher education then led her in the direction of Thuwal—she joined KAUST, receiving her master's degree in chemical science in 2018 from the University.

Life at KAUST

"I am currently studying for my Ph.D. at the KAUST Solar Center under the supervision of Professor Iain McCulloch, the center's director," Alsufyani stated. "My research focuses on the design and preparation of semiconductor organic polymers for use in solar cells and organic electrical devices."

"I have learned a lot from top international professors at KAUST, " she continued. "This provided me with the necessary skills to conduct my research and enrich my scientific and personal experience at KAUST.

"Career-wise, KAUST has also provided me with several opportunities: I worked as an assistant at the University's student dormitory department providing help to students living on campus. In addition, I worked as a chemistry instructor for Saudi scientific Olympiad students at KAUST. I also volunteered to supervise Saudi scientific Olympiad student training camps at KAUST and helped KAUST's newly arrived students."

Ph.D. student Maryam Alsufyani (M.S. '18) is part of the University's Solar Center (facilities pictured here). Photo by Anastasia Khrenova. 

Future and goals

"My goal is to receive my Ph.D. and then to look for opportunities to complete my post-doctoral research and gain enough experience to prepare me to educate and support future generations," said Alsufyani. "My research field is fairly new and is needed in most modern research centers and universities around the world."

Alsufyani advised current KAUST students to create a healthy balance between their scientific, practical and personal lives and learn how to overcome difficult obstacles while never giving up. She also stressed the importance of choosing friends who encourage you to learn and support you—even during difficult times.

"One of the most beautiful things academic life provides is wonderful and rare friendships," she said.

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