Self-powered dental braces

Today for orthodontic treatment, metallic one-size-fits-all dental braces are used for bone regeneration which costs thousands of dollars. Smartization of braces with near-infrared intra-oral system can be advantageous for low-cost and fast treatment time.

KAUST material and electrical engineering scientists have developed a thin, soft optoelectronic system with seamless integration using 3D printed materials. The result is a low-cost personalized smart dental brace which expedites the regeneration of bone structures to help straighten teeth.

This technology presents a faster alternative to widespread orthodontic treatments with increased functionality through development of miniaturized and affordable platforms that are powered and controlled wirelessly via a smart phone.

Smart dental brace relies on two main functionalities: first, a customizable, personalized and semitransparent brace, which provides required external loading to stimulate healthy rebuilding of bone structures. Secondly, a miniaturized, soft optoelectronic system for a near-infrared light therapy. This allows for specific control of osteogenic cell activity through targeted exposure to light-sensitive proteins present in bone cells.

The combination of both strategies in one single platform provides affordable, multi-functionality dental braces.

By ​Innovation & Economic Development​