Professor Jr-Hau He admitted as a fellow of the Royal Chemistry Society (FRCS)

​Professor Jr-Hau He was admitted as a fellow of the Royal Chemistry Society (FRCS) for his efforts on the multidisciplinary research in the field of chemistry. Becoming a fellow of RCS requires a minimum of five years of professional experience and evidence contribution to chemical science.

"Being a FRCS of the society means a lot to me as our team efforts on the multidisciplinary research have been well recognized at the Chemistry Society," Professor He said.

The scope of research conducted by Professor He, who works under the Computer, Electrical and Mathematical Science and Engineering Division (CEMSE) includes the development of transparent and flexible electronics using novel devices based on nanomaterials, including solar and photo-detector, LED and memory devices. He is also interested in solar energy and efforts to understand light scattering and trapping in nanostructured material and design next-generation solar cells.

Dr. He's research group is involved in fundamental physical properties of the nanomaterial, such as the transport and switching behavior of 2D nanomaterials.

Professor He joined KAUST after obtaining his Bachelor of Science and Ph.D. from National Tsing Hua University in Taiwan.

"Although I have been with electrical engineering departments at the university for over 10 years, I have always tried to build bridges to integrate knowledge from multiple and disparate fields, and find the solutions for complex scientific problems in the interdisciplinary research in 2D material-based electronics and photonics."

Jr-Hau plans to continue the interdisciplinary research to explore the 2D material-based electronics and photonics. "I would like to put more efforts to make an impact and promote the visibility of KAUST in the field."