Professor Pierre Magistretti Elected to Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters

KAUST offers its congratulations to Professor Pierre Magistretti on his recent election to the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters. This prestigious appointment recognizes Professor Magistretti's significant contributions to the field of neuroscience, particularly his pioneering work on the role of lactate in brain function. 

Professor Magistretti's research has challenged traditional understandings of brain metabolism. His focus on the lactate shuttle system has shed light on how neurons and glial cells cooperate to meet the brain's energy demands. This groundbreaking work has opened new avenues for research into neurological disorders and brain development. 

The Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters, with its rich history and commitment to scientific excellence, is a fitting home for Professor Magistretti's expertise. His membership will undoubtedly foster further collaboration and discovery within the field of neuroscience. 

“I am deeply honored to have been elected to a prestigious academic institution such as the Norwegian Academy of Sciences and Letters. Norway has a long tradition of excellence in neuroscience starting from the national hero explorer Fridtjof Nansen, who was also a distinguished neuroscientist, to Per Andersen and Terje Lomo who discovered long-term potentiation, one of the cellular mechanisms of memory, and more recently Nobel Laureates May-Britt and Edvard Moser, who discovered the mechanisms through which our brains establish maps for spatial orientation and spatial memory,” says Magistretti. 

We extend our warmest congratulations to Professor Magistretti on this well-deserved honor.